Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day Two of our CSFFB Tour: The Shadow and Night by Chris Walley


I'm so thankful for the blog groups I belong to, such as Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Alliance. I've been introduced to some great fiction I might otherwise have missed out on, and "The Shadow and Night" is no exception to that!

Authors such as Mr. Walley who can create entire worlds...no, entire universes and drop you in the middle of them with total believablity are just amazingly talented.

Merral DAvanos is a forester living a trillion years into the future on a planet called Farholme. He lives in a world we can only dream of today...a world of total peace and harmony.

Or does he?

When strange happenings begin to occur, the tranquility of Farholme is threatened. It would seem the evil that was banished has returned, and we all know...banished evil comes back worse than ever, doesn't it?

Here's the question at hand in this portion of this epic experience...what can Merral do about it, who will follow him, and just how far will the evil spread? Can Farholme remain a part of the Assembly, or will she have to pull away in order to save herself and her people?

This story (actually, two stories in one volume) is reminiscent of Star Wars (the evil Empire), Anne Mccaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, and even has a little Lord of the Rings in it. Yet, with all of those comparisons, this isn't merely a carbon copy of these classic books.

No, Chris Walley has created a universe all of his own making. And it works. Very well.

Had I not joined CSFFB, I would have always considered reading Mr. Walley's series. I can't begin to tell you how many times I picked up the books, then put them back. Because, quite honestly, I'm a Science Fiction and Fantasy newbie. This isn't my favorite genre, truthfully.

With authors such as Chris Walley, authors of such high caliber and with such great imagination...I'm quickly becoming a huge fan. I have plans to purchase the entire series, which is now being re-released with all new cover art and in a new format (I think I mentioned two books in one volume now, didn't I?).

I'm giving "The Shadow and Night" five out of five bookmarks, with a map of the universe--ours, since it's the only REAL one, right...I said, RIGHT??--as a charm. I only wish I had a mind like Chris Walley's...a true creative master.

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

Would you recommend this for teens? Specifically for teens who LOVE to read?


Deena Peterson said...

Most definitely! They need to be old enough to handle "Lord of the Rings" type material, but I think teens would devour this series. Tomorrow I'll post more about the entire series with ordering information as well.