Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day Three of our CSFFB Tour with Chris Walley!


Another tour comes to a close, and it has been fun! Yesterday, someone asked me if I would recommend this series for a teen who loves to read.


Especially for fans of Lord of the Rings. While Mr. Walley's universe is intense, it is also Godly, and has a resounding message of redemption.

For those who are wanting the entire series, here's ordering information and release dates on future volumes:




Unfortunately, volume three, The Infinite Day, doesn't release until June 2008...but, look at it this way...

It gives you loads of time to get the other two HUGE volumes read:-) All three in this newly repackaged trilogy are released by our friends at Tyndale!

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Happy Reading!



Kim said...

Thanks Deena!
I'm going to get this for my boys! They will love it!


Anonymous said...

This is not a children's book, fyi! Appropriate for teens (or those who know what sex is and are interested in romantic relationships), but not for children. There's nothing explicit in the books, but there's a plot thread of struggle the protagonist has over reigning in his ... desires.

It's also about as like LOTR as Cujo is to Old Yeller (wow, was that a bad analogy or what?). I'd love to hear what parts you thought were Tolkien-like! :)

Kim said...

Thanks for chiming in on that one. My oldest can handle the relationship thread as he already reads a lot of my CBA books anyway. I'll let you know what they think!


Christopher Hopper said...

Was nice to finally see the other book covers. thanks for posting them!


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Deena, you are such a prolific reader! I'm thrilled that you loved the book so much and that your exposure to SFF through the tour is turning you into a fan.

I know I appreciate your honest appraisal of what you read.