Monday, January 21, 2008

On Tour With 101 Cups of Water by C. D. Baker


I love how God tends to orchestrate the invitations I get for book tours. There is NOTHING random about how these work out for me. This little devotional book showed me just how parched my spirit was, and it will do the same for you as well.

"101 Cups of Water" is a devotional book of....guess what...101 devotionals dealing with just the right size of inspiration for each day. With titles such as "A Cup of Grace", "A Cup of Significance", and "A Cup of Hope", you can read straight through, or select the appropriate reading for the appropriate need.

Each reading is brief, but don't be fooled...these are cups that are filled to the brim, with wisdom, wit, and Scripture. Each closes with a statement of affirmation that you can take with you throughout the day, or put on a notecard to say when the need hits.

This isn't a candy-coated, Pollyanna-ish kind of devotional...I've read some devotionals that are so self-affirming that they don't feel relevant. Not so with C.D. Baker's devotionals. Some of the selections I've read made me wonder if he had mind-reading capabilities!

Packaged as a gift, this would be perfect for a brother or sister in Christ in crisis, or one who is just a tad bit worn down from life. I found it quite refreshing, and am very thankful for my copy. In fact, I'm giving "101 Cups of Water" five out of five bookmarks, with a tiny bottle of Dasani water as a charm (my favorite water of choice...besides the "living water" of course!).

Would you like a cup of refreshment? Leave me a comment and I'll select TWO winners on Friday to win a copy of "101 Cups of Water" make it fun, share with me YOUR favorite beverage that refreshes:-)

Happy Reading!

P.S. For more chances to win a copy, visit my blogger buddy, Kim at Window To The World or my blogger buddy, ForstRose at Bibliophile's Retreat! Oodles of opportunities to win:-)


Kim said...

You know, Deena, I totally understand what you mean when you say God orchestrates these books that we tour! Isn't He wonderful? He is certainly sending me some "on time" messages right now! I'm praying that he'll pour His blessings out on c.d. baker's book! It is terrific!

Thanks for the link!

windycindy said...

What a wonderful book and one I certainly could put to use right now. I think if I am lucky enough to win
I would pay it forward to my sister. She could use some inspirational devotions right now. Thanks,Cindi

L said...

Aaah refreshment for the soul. Sounds good. Water does happen to be one of my favorite drinks; chocolate milk ranks pretty high too!

Unknown said...

Hey Deena-

Don't enter me as I'm posting the tour too and have copies up for a drawing - mine goes up on Thurs. I loved this one too and its nice to have so much packed into such a few words on each entry.

Melissa at Bibliophile's Retreat

Brittanie said...

I love bottled water and I recycle even though I know it is bad for the environment in the first place but at least it makes up for some of it. Enter me please :)

Neen said...

For me nothings beats a cup of hot tea. I love a book of hope right now my husband is batteling lymphoma and once done with the book I'd love to pass it on to other patients at the chemo center who could use the same love and encouragement.

Bebemiqui said...

Black tea is absolutely divine at any time!

Hedi said...

juice or red tea.

NeedANap2 said...

ice cold water, lemonade

this book sounds like a good quencher!