Sunday, January 13, 2008

Never Ceese by Sue Dent


I don't know what it is with me lately. I'm having such a difficult time getting into any of my to be read stack...could it be the size of the stack is now so intimidating that I can't concentrate on one book at a time?

The last two books I've read were books I've picked up and put down more times than I can count. But, fortunately for me, I've been on forced bed rest the last few days, and all I can do is watch television (boring!) or read.

So, I've been pulling down books that I've struggled with in the past and as a result have found some amazing reads! I've also discovered that Christian fiction has a new genre just ready to explode, and you won't believe what it is...

Welcome to Christian horror!

Now, before you toss me aside as a nut job, remember my credibility with y'all:-) Would I jump tracks now? I think not, dear reading buddy. But I've just finished an amazing and highly risky novel by a new author friend of mine, and I must encourage you to take a chance on this one.

"Never Ceese" is the tale of a vampire and a werewolf who seek what we all seek deep down in our souls...redemption. Both were cursed unwillingly, and both have fought all their VERY long lives to never pass on that curse to another, but to cling to their beliefs that were ingrained in them as children.

Ceese finds herself lured to the castle of Penelope and Richard against her will, not certain what she will find once she arrives there. Richard isn't fond of visitors of any kind, and especially not visitors of Ceese's nature.

But Penelope persuades them both to accept one another and that they can help the other break the curse that binds them, thus giving them the ability to choose their own final destiny.

I know it sounds so far fetched that two of the most unimaginable creatures and most make-believe beings could have such strong desire for the things of God...but believe me, IT WORKS! And it makes the lure of God's redemption all the more powerful to see it played out in a work such as "Never Ceese".

What threw me at first was the opening chapter. The prologue is obviously from days way past, and when I began the first of the book I felt a bit lost in time. It wasn't until I met Richard playing with his computer and his microwave that I got it...this is set in today's time.

With Richard and Ceese both cursed, their lives are immeasurably long, which can really throw a person, you know?? But once I got the swing of where Sue was going with this story, I willingly went along for the wild ride.

With modern elements in the story such as graduate research students, crooked stem cell researchers, and the strong element of faith, I can highly recommend this story to any believer who likes to read on the edge. You'll find some mild language, but nothing of what I like to call the "ick factor".

This book will stretch your imagination to its farthest reaches, and almost make you believe...but not quite, because believing in something Sue writes so well is just, well, not something I find myself wanting to do!!

I'm giving "Never Ceese" five out of five bookmarks, with a tiny cross as a charm...because that is where our destiny changes, no matter who we are or where we're from. It all starts and ends at Calvary.

Happy Reading!


P.S. Be warned--she leaves you hanging at the end of this one, and you may end up like me...begging for the sequel:-)


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Added that to my list :)

Author Sue Dent said...

And good timing too! Forever Richard comes out this year! Oh, I do hope you get it soon. Just know that you can get it anywhere even though, because my first publisher changed directions, it's tough to find it on a bookshelf. Any bookstore can order though and nearly every on-line store has it.

God Bless
Sue Dent

*winks at Deena*
Thanks, girl!