Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Homemade Meals in Minutes by Linda Spivey and Cinda Coon


On December 1, 2007, my husband and I joined Weight Watchers. To date, we've lost a combined total of nearly 50 pounds. But, I'm bored with the recipes I've been using, so I was thrilled to discover this little gem of a book!

"Homemade Meals in Minutes" is a spiral bound cookbook FILLED with real recipes that use real food. None of that "capers in olive oil" or "shallots dredged in wine flour" (I made that last one up:-)...nope, this is good old American cuisine!

You'll find recipes such as "Stromboli", which the authors say is great for Super Bowl Sunday (isn't that coming up soon??), and "Taco Dip", another great party recipe.

I loved the sound of "Cindy's Chicken Salad", and the "Chicken Macaroni Bake" sounds warm and cozy on a cold winter night. Now, I'm not saying these recipes are low fat or low calorie, but it would be easy to tweak them a tad and make them fit your dietary needs.

As I browsed through this book, I kept thinking "potluck"! Many, if not all, of these recipes would be poluck supper hits. Great for company, or just for your family, you'll most definitely find useful and tasty recipes to try.

Not only are the recipes tasty and easy, but the book itself is beautiful! Packaged as a gift book, "Homemade Meals in Minutes" is the perfect shower or wedding gift, or as a care package for a college bound student.

I'm giving this cookbook five out of five bookmarks, with a wire whisk and a kitchen timer as charms. Published by Harvest House Publishers, "Homemade Meals in Minutes" is available now. Oh, did I mention the recipe for "Apple Dumplings"? Or how about "Lemon Cheese Bars"?

Great, now I've gotta go find something to stop the rumbly in my tumbly:-) Later!

Happy Reading!


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