Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bunko Babes by Leah Starr Baker


Fans of Yada Yada Prayer Group novels...have I got a treat for YOU!! Leah Starr Baker's debut novel, "The Bunko Babes" is packed with humor, faith, and some surprising events that will have you in tears!

Rebecca Thornton (Becca) is a 37 year old mom of 13 year old twins, a wife, a mother...and a member of a wacky group called the Bunko Babes. With their weekly meetings to play a game I SO do not understand, they forge friendships that help them survive and thrive through some of life's toughest events.

Best friend Jessica longs for a baby; Mercedes' husband gets sent to Iraq; and Autumn is mother nature personified, the most eclectic woman of the bunch! Of course, there's also Michelle and Karen and Madison and Kathleen...I think that rounds out the group.

Together, these women weather the storms of life such as infertility, divorce, life-threatening illness, as well as the day to day living that can sometimes take its toll on us.

I was inspired by the faith element of the story. Leah doesn't shy away from God's Word and from the power of prayer either. This is a novel that is rich and deep...which is surprising considering the playful cover and title. Don't let that fool you...this is a story you can really sink your spiritual teeth into.

It wasn't until the end that I realized that Leah herself had walked in Becca's shoes...and it shows. Her discussions on the hardships these women face ring with authenticity and genuine compassion.

I'm giving "The Bunko Babes" five out of five bookmarks, with a pair of green dice as a charm. I don't get the game at all, but I do get the value of friendship and sisterhood that I found in this stunning debut novel. I'm hoping we haven't read the last of Leah's work, or of this group of women.

Happy Reading!


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