Saturday, November 3, 2007

Deadfall by Robert Liparulo

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I've been a huge fan of Robert Liparulo's books since I bought and read "Comes A Horseman". So it was a huge treat to get a copy of "Deadfall" for review. And, once again, Mr. Liparulo lives up to his trademark of "White Knuckle Intensity".

Four friends, their lives in tatters, decide to venture into the Canadian wilderness on a hunting expedition. Fishing, camping, and hunting wild, for a guy, that's the life! become the hunted.

A band of radicals have selected the quiet, isolated hamlet of Fiddler Falls to test out a weapon of unbelievable power. When Hutch stumbles upon the scene, he and his three friends are forced into service, attempting to rescue the entire township and uncover what this violent leader, Declan, and his "friends" are truly up to.

I have to admit, I wasn't able to read this novel straight through. The isolation and desperation got to me. I don't know if it's because I've been reading too many thrillers lately, or because the story was too intense...which, for me, that's really saying something.

But I'm glad I chose to finish the book. Some strong cautions for our society rest within the pages of this book. I can't say much without giving it all away, but we need to be paying closer attention to this generation and their choices. It's time to stop being best friends and start being parents again.

Robert Liparulo is the master of this genre. His writing is so powerful you feel it to your very marrow, and he won't let you go until the very. last. page. So buckle up, and hang on...because you won't BELIEVE what this is ultimately all about!!

"Deadfall" receives six out of five bookmarks, with a tiny flashlight...with high power batteries...because you're going to NEED it! Do NOT pick this book up unless you have a lot of reading time...and immediately after finishing...find some chick lit or a children's storybook to'll need the uplift!

And if you're curious about more Robert Liparulo books, click here for my review of "Germ".

To purchase a copy of this white knuckle novel, click on the book image above. OR, to WIN a copy, click here!
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kalea_kane said...

Great review. And AMEN girl! We need to be parents period. My son thankfully gets this. :) Six out of five bookmarks...pretty great!