Monday, November 5, 2007

The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson

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Some of you may be thinking, "Um, Deena...isn't it a bit EARLY for Christmas novels?" And to that I simply reply... "I NEEDED SOMETHING CHEERFUL!"

My favorite genre is mystery and suspense, but even a girl like me can only take so much murder and mayhem, no matter how cozy or gritty it is. So I got out my stash of holiday novels and novellas and decided to dive in!

"The Christmas Bus" is actually a release from last year; Melody has a new Christmas novella I hope to review here soon titled "An Irish Christmas".

Christmas Valley has been many things: a mining town, a logging community--and now, a total Christmas experience! From the North Pole Coffee Shop to Mrs. Santa's Diner, the entire town is holly and jolly.

Well...kind of.

Edith and Charles Ryan are the proprietors of The Shepherd's Inn, the only bread and breakfast in Christmas Valley. Charles has his flock at the only church in the town, and Edith has her family.

Just not this Christmas.

So, inspired by one of her husband's holiday messages, she decides to put out an ad inviting one and all to take part in their traditional family Christmas. After praying for God to bring just the right guests to their inn, Edith wonders if she's lost her mind when Myrtle shows up.

Cranky as all get out, Myrtle is equally nosy and interfering...and it's driving everyone to distraction. Toss in a newly widowed gentleman who wants to be left alone, a married couple who constantly fight, and some very opinionated church members and friends...and you can just imagine the "festivities!"

So, where does the Christmas Bus come in to this story? you may be wondering.

Me too.

I mean, there's a bus. And it's Christmas. But why Melody titled this "The Christmas Bus" I haven't a clue. Maybe a more apt title would have been "Very Merry in Christmas Valley". But I don't name' em...I just review 'em.

The multicolored bus is owned by a young couple about to have their first child, out of money, and in need of a room at the--you guessed it--filled to the brim inn. But between Colin and Amy and Myrtle, Christmas Valley gets a chance to re-learn what Christmas is really all about.

This isn't my favorite Melody novel, and it isn't my favorite Christmas novel either. But I give "The Christmas Bus" three out of five bookmarks with a ceramic angel for a charm...and you'll just have to figure out why!

I'm gearing up for a special Christmas Novella Gift Giveaway, which kicks of right after Thanksgiving. So be sure to stop back for more holiday reviews...and a chance to win some of my favorites!

Happy Reading!


P.S. Many people love Christmas time because families spend more time together. With the warm Christmas lights and other Christmas things like getting Christmas gifts for the kids, Christmas clearly brings people together.


Ausjenny said...

I read this just after christmas and really enjoyed it. i have a big christmas book kick!
i love reading christmas books at this time (well in a week or 2)
I always hope we have them here when i go to Adelaide.

Irishcoda said...

Yah, I always think oh it's too early to read a Christmas book *now* and next thing I know it's half way through December! I think I'll get an early start too, I have a list of Christmas books I wanted to read...although only 1 is on my "Fall Into Reading" list...oh well...