Saturday, November 10, 2007

Calling All Book Review Bloggers!

I'm helping a friend of mine put together a blog tour. The requirements are

1) You have a blog

2) You know how to use it!

Seriously, we need people who love to read and enjoy posting book reviews on their blogs.

If you would be interested, either leave me a comment with your email address included, or email me at thedeena63 at hotmail dot com and let me know you want to be part of a tour.

I've read the book, it's fabulous, and my author bud if fabulous as well. Trust me, I know my stuff!!

We need to get going on this asap, and we're hoping for at least 20 bloggers...but the more the merrier:-)

Happy Reading!



Angela said...

I'd love to review a book :) I dont know If I qualify but I'm available and ready to blog!

Afsha Khan Jayapal said...
own a blog, love to read, havent reviewed online but willing to do so.

Mark Baker said...

I have a blog. I've been doing mini reviews on my blog since Fall into Reading started, but I do write reviews at Amazon (top 100 reviewer) and

Follow the link in my blogger profile to find my blog. There are links there to my Amazon and Epinions pages.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but I would certainly be interested.

United Studies said...

My mother and I are avid readers and would love to get involved in this. Not sure what all is involved, but it sounds like fun!! My email is

Qtpies7 said...

I love doing book reviews.

Also, a few of my friends, too, I'll pass the word along.

Janne said...

I would be thrilled to give some book reviews!

Spider Lady said...

Heck I'm willing to try. I'm always looking for new things to read. keepchillin_4ever at

Anonymous said...

I sent ya an email reply when you emailed me Deena. Thanks for thinking of me! I'd love to participate.

Lynnae said...

I have a blog, and I love to read!

beingfrugal at gmail dot com

Alexia said...

I'm interested! I'm an avid reader and I'm always looking for new books. I would love to review one on my blog (if anything else is involved you'll have to let me know - I'm rather new to what happen on a blog tour!)


Naomi said...

I would love to find out more info about this it sounds good. Naomi

Kathleen said...

I'd love to help, as long as the book doesn't have to be reviewed before Dec. 1. callista83 AT cogeco DOT ca. My blog is the SMS Book Reviews one listed in my profile.

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email awhile ago Deena, but haven't heard back from you as of yet. I would love to be involved in this though, if you're still looking for help!

Delete said...

Hey Deena-

Did you get enough reviewers? You know me, I'm always up for a good book!