Monday, October 22, 2007

On Tour With Miralee Ferrell, Author of "The Other Daughter"

Good morning and welcome to the blog tour for "The Other Daughter" by author Miralee Ferrell!

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This debut novel is now available in bookstores, and to read a sample chapter, simply click on the cover!

I had the opportunity to interview Miralee, and we had a lot of fun passing emails back and forth...without further ado, here's my interview with Miralee Ferrell!

1) What drew you into the world of writing?

God, pure and simple. I had no intention of writing anything...other than in my diary, letters to friends, and a memoir for my kids and family to "maybe" read someday. God spoke to me through a visiting pastor who prayed over me and told me the Lord said I needed to be writing and it needed to be pubished. I took that word seriously, prayed about it for 2 wks, and began to write. Several non-fiction magazine articles later, I switched over to Christian fiction...that was just two years ago last month.

2) Some authors have stories come to them in bits and pieces, and some say the stories come in like a wave. Which was it for you with "The Other Daughter"?

Absolutely no hesitation on this a wave. My second one has been more bits and pieces, but rough draft for The Other Daughter was complete in 5 wks., start to finish. I still have months of revisions, editing, learning and more editing before it was ready to turn in, as I was so green when I started. But I barely kept up with the flow of words on the initial draft.

3) What place gets your creative juices flowing most freely?

Alas, that would be my bed, LOL! I've found that I don't dare work on my ms near bed time and I'd better read another book or watch some tv inbetween, or I'm in trouble. Too many times I've had to get up and jot down a part of a scene or an idea...or type an entire scene at one in the morning, because my brain wouldn't shut down. I'm more careful now, but it still happens occasionally. I don't dare lay there and convince myself I'll remember. It doesn't happen. Nope, I have to get up and get it down on paper, or lose it.

4) When it comes to chocolate: milk, dark, white, or giveittomenow?

All of the above, LOL! Especially if it's mixed with mint or coconut!

5) What's on your reading shelf right now?

Oh gee....I haven't had a chance to read in way too long. I need to read Julie Eller's new book,
A New Promise, as well as Marlo Schalesky's Veil of Fire, and Maureen Lang's The Oak Leaves. I'm anxious to get the revisions and edits out of the way on book two as I plan on getting caught up on my reading and those are on the top of my list.

And there you have it...thoughts from the author herself!

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I'm expecting a copy any day now, so be watching for my review, coming soon! If you just can't wait, you can order a copy through or

Happy Reading!


Edited to add: anyone who leaves a comment will be entered in a drawing for a copy of "The Other Daughter"!!


Miralee Ferrell said...

Hi Deena---Hey, thanks for the great interview, I enjoyed answering your questions and hope your readers will pop on over to some of the other blogs, as well.

Also...any comments left on your blog tour will get entered into a drawing for a free book. Blessings, Miralee

Brittanie said...

Enter me to win a copy please. :)

Shawna said...

Wow! That sounds great. I'm so excited about her first book.

Unknown said...

Please include me in the drawing Deena and Miralee.

Shanda said...

sounds great...please enter me!

Ausjenny said...

Please add me I love to read and i loved the interview.

Jo said...

I really enjoyed the interview and definately think asking what kind of chocolate is her fave was a very important question! lol. We women love our chocolate!

Please enter me to win a copy of the book too. Thank you.


NeedANap2 said...

Sounds good!

Angela said...

You always have such great book giveaways. Sign us up!

bjg said...

Please enter me to win. Thanks

lace said...

is this drawing still going on? If so, I would love to be entered

ChristyJan said...

Miralee congrats on the debut of your novel. It sounds like a great read.

Deena, if I'm not too late, please enter me to win a copy.

hawkes @ citlink . net

windycindy said...

Hi, Please enter me in your contest for me to win a copy of "The Other Daughter!" Thanks, Cindi