Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I can't remember ever having this much fun reading a novel written for young teens! In school I was always fascinated by the "gods and goddesses" of mythology, and Rick Riordan has done his homework!

"The Lightning Thief" is the first book in the series "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" and is one of the finest roller-coaster rides written.

Percy Jackson just can't seem to get along--he's been kicked out of so many schools he's lost count, and he's about to get the boot again. Diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, his miserable school life is second only to his home life.

But on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, everything changes for young Percy Jackson. For some reason, mythological monsters are coming out of the woodwork and hunting him. His best friend and his favorite teacher are both acting a little weird.

And then there's that summer camp his mom is insisting he attend--Camp Half-Blood. I mean, what's THAT all about? As you learn along with Percy just who he truly is and just what he's truly made of, you will grow to love this societal misfit just as much as I have.

Joining Percy on his quest are Grover and Annabeth, who are...well, I can't tell you who they are. That would ruin the surprise! But they turn out to be two of the best friend's Percy has ever had. Which is good, because when you've got to go the places they go, and find the thing they have to find...you NEED good friends!

Bone up on your mythology, and get ready for some highly entertaining reading! I give "The Lightning Thief" five out of five bookmarks with a pair of high top tennis shoes for Grover, and recommend it for older tweens and teens (some of the scenes are intense--but then again, when you look at what's playing in theaters--nevermind:-).

This is the first in what is planned to be a five book series, with book four, "The Battle of the Labyrinth" scheduled for a May 2008 release date. Plenty of time to get up to speed with Percy and friends...just stay out of the water:-)

Happy Reading!


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