Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hostage by Don Brown

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Calling all fans of "JAG" and "NCIS"'ve GOTTA read this book! Blending Biblical truth and faith with the workings of the Naval Justice System, Don Brown has written another winner in my book!

Previously, in "Treason", JAG Officer Zack Brewer prosecuted and won his case against three terrorists who had infiltrated out Navy. His co-counsel on that case, Diane Colcernian, caught more than his legal eye, and a romance began to bloom.

Now they are both in the media spotlight, and in the crosshairs of a terrorist plot of revenge. The organization behind the Navy infiltration isn't done yet, and its arms have a long reach...all the way to the United Nations.

This story kicks off with a bang, and the plot twists knot your stomach with a "What if this really DID happen?" scenario. Can Zack prove who really fired on the Dome of the Rock? Can he win another high profile case, this time without his gorgeous red-haired co-counsel?

And where is Diane anyway?

The detail is rich, the plot rings with possibilities, and the suspense only lets you catch your breath before you're off again on another twist in this legal wild ride. Don Brown knows his stuff, and it shows!

It raises the question for the believer, "Would I obey Christ at the cost of what I loved most dearly?" Zack must choose; obey a direct order from his commanding officer, or follow his feelings. And for Zack, following command is obeying Christ.

Only a man of strong faith can make the right choice. Only a man of knowledge and experience could write a book like this and make you believe the possibility. And only an "out of stock" notice should keep you from getting this book!

I give "Hostage" five out of five bookmarks, with a gold oak leaf charm...and you'll have to read it to find out why!! This series would make an incredible Christmas gift for the John Grisham/JAG/NCIS fan on your holiday list:-)

Happy Reading!



Brittanie said...

I absolutley love this series! :)

Brittanie said...

I started Defiance but I have not finished it. Kinda like saving the best for last ... savoring the momement etc. I am going to finish it for the Fall Reading Challenge. I have the next one on Amazon Wish List. :)