Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow by Cynthia Baxter

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I must admit...I'm a sucker for a good, cozy mystery novel! But it's so hard knowing which ones are good and clean...and which ones have what I call the "ick" factor.

So when I find an author that satisfies my criteria, I collect all the titles and add them to my library. And that's what I did with Cynthia Baxter's "Reigning Cats and Dogs" mystery series.

Jessica Popper is a veterinarian on wheels. She has her own mobile vet clinic, and she sees all manner of four legged and two winged patients. Jessica also has a knack for stumbling over murders as well. Not a popular trait in a vet...

...unless, as in "Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow", you're said vet's best college friend, accused of murdering your ex-husband's fiancee. Suzanne Fox only wanted a look at the new woman in her ex's life...and got more than she bargained for.

So who murdered the vineyard vixen? Was it the ex-wife...or the wacky brother with the dummy for a friend? And can Jessica get to the bottom of it all before another break-in happens and someone really gets hurt this time?

This is the fourth installment in this fun and lighthearted mystery series...at least, it was fun and light hearted up until now. While it isn't explicit or vulgar (i.e., no "ick"), it does deal with topics not usually found in cozies.

And I was rather disappointed in Jessica, living with Nick and not just marrying him. That's what he wants...she needs to grow up and just do it! They are PERFECT for one another!!

So, I'm giving "Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow" a relucant three out of four bookmarks...but still with a bonus stuffed rabbit. And you've gotta love Max and Lou...those two crack me up! Try out Jessica Popper, mobile vet...just be warned about this particular volume.

Happy Reading!


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