Monday, October 22, 2007

Forty To Life By Dave Jackson

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The writing in "Forty To Life" is so realistic and accurate that I almost had to put this book down and move on to something else. Dave Jackson has written a powerful novel that, in my opinion, should be required reading in every junior high and high school.

Raymond Slewinski gets goaded into an unforgettable act at the age of 14 that changes his life forever. Murderer. An identity no one would ever expect to have attached to their existence. But it is Ray's new reality.

Finding himself in prison for a life long sentence, Ray now has to find a way to, to survive. And just when he thinks he's finally found a rhythm to this unwanted existence, a ray of hope comes to him in the form of forgiveness.

What will Ray do now? Will he run to the God who made this forgiveness possible? Or has prison hardened beyond God's reach? And if he does accept this amazing gift, what will it mean when Ray faces the one who pushed him to ruin?

This novel is gritty, raw, and powerfully written. From the first page Ray became real...almost too real. It is not an easy reading experience, but I believe it is one we all need to take.

Too many of our children, both in the church and outside, are gettin caught up in lifestyles and choices that will lead them the way of this young fictional character. And before you say I'm exaggerating...believe me, I know someone right now who is caught up in this kind of world...and she would have never dreamed it would end up here.

Get this book. Read this book. Share this book with youth workers in your church, community, and the young people in your family. Learn from the fictional account of Ray Slewinski before it becomes a reality in the lives of those you love.

I give "Forty to Life" six out of five bookmarks, with a dove charm...a symbol of hope. Because no matter what you've done or where you've been...there is always hope with Jesus.

Happy Reading!


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