Saturday, October 20, 2007

Around The World In 80 Dates by Christa Ann Banister

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It's reading books like this one that make me SO glad I'm married! And that take me back to those college and post-college days when I wondered most of the time, "Will I ever find The One?"

"Around The World in 80 Dates" is the story of Sydney Alexander, travel writer and twenty-something serial dater. Her spiritual gifts are sarcasm (I can SO relate!) and shopping, but don't let that fool you!

Her faith is genuine. And it is the only constant in her miserable, mixed-up dating life. There's Michael, and Taylor, and Justin, and Liam...but don't let that list fool you either:-) She's not a flaky ditz...she's typical of today's younger generation...

Upwardly mobile and inwardly lonely.

Interspersed with Sydney's story is her sister, Samantha's. Different as night and day, and yet struggling with the search for "The One", Sydney and Samantha are supportive and encouraging to one another as good sisters should be.

This book is fun, with the movie quotes from famous romantic comedies opening each chapter. But it also has a melancholy quality as well. As a mom of a twenty-something and a 17 year old, both wanting to meet "The One"...we need to get the message across somehow that Jesus is "The One and Only" that we'll ever need, married or not.

Still...I remember those days. Thank goodness they're over for me...the thought of the dating scene gives me hives! My heart goes out to all of my unmarried but wanting to be married sisters in the Lord. And I say the same thing to you that I said to Sydney...He knows, and He cares...and He's making a way...just watch and see!

I especially love books like this one because of the faith element. No trashy behavior to be bed hopping, bar hopping, or any other kind of hopping (but plenty of "S-hopping!" Sorry, I couldn't resist!). And the story is real and relevant---a lesson to the writers of such things as "Bridget Jones" and "Sex in the City"!!

The Alexander girls are two young women I wouldn't mind as role models for my own daughters!

I give "Around the World in 80 Dates" five out of five bookmarks, with a little black book as a charm...hey, it's the BIBLE, people! Just the thing for the single--or married--woman today. And I'm throwing in a bonus Mad Lib the book and you'll see why!!

Hoping we'll see more of the Alexander sisters in future novels...

Happy Reading!


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Delete said...

Hi Deena-Keep up the great reviews! I just added this one as well as Priced to Move and Hollywood Nobody to my paperbackswap wishlist.