Sunday, September 16, 2007

Echo by C. L. Kelly

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While this one wasn't the rollercoaster ride that his first novel was, "Echo" was still an enjoyable read. Clint Kelly has definitely created a fan in me!

"Echo" is the second novel in his "Sensations" series. The first novel, "Scent" took a look at the sense of smell. This story deals with hearing, or rather, the lack of it.

Cody Ferguson is a normal, rambuctious little boy, with one pivotal distinction: he's losing his hearing. Through what doctors suspect is a congenital defect, his hearing becomes total and permanent.

Cody's parents are at odds on how to raise a "handicapped" son. Andy feels they should help him learn to adapt to his loss. But Sheila, carrying a load of guilt of Cody's loss of hearing, wants to keep him sheltered and shielded from life's hurts and hurdles.

A family camping trip with Nick and Cassie Dixon (we met them in "Scent") turns out to be pivotal for the entire family. When Cody goes missing, the question can a deaf boy survive in the wilderness...and how do you go about finding him when he can't hear you calling?

What I found most intriguing was the lack of hearing even in those who still had their hearing--physically speaking. Reminded me of the Scripture about the seeing who cannot see and the hearing who do not hear.

Neither of Cody's parents can hear the other, and they really don't hear Cody either. Mr. Kelly gives us a wonderful glimpse into the world of the hearing-impaired with his what if scenario. Makes me wonder how many "Cody"s we encounter every day...handicapped in some way, but fighting so hard to not be identified by what they lack, rather instead to prove their strengths.

I kind of struggle with this right now. I have issues with my back...which may require surgery--again. It is so hard to be seen as me, and not as just a "bad back", even by those who know and love me most. I realize their intentions...but it can be frustrating.

So, while the adrenaline didn't get pumping until close to the end (and you won't learn WHY here:-), this was still an enjoyable reading experience. I give "Echo" 4 out of 5 bookmarks, with a blue tassel and a blueberry charm for a little extra. And I hear another adrenaline rush is coming soon in his book on the sense of taste, entitled "Delicacy".

I'm off to see if I can get a little taste of that one in advance! Don't miss the "Sensations"'ll be sorry if you do!!

Happy Reading!


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