Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day Two of Our Tour With Author Austin Boyd!!

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Now, I suppose I shouldn't tell you this, but I'm one of those nutty bookaholics who just HAS to read things in order. Not only that, but if I know exactly how many books are in a series...I'll wait until I have them all in my hot little hands before I begin.

So, as you can probably guess...I'm not done with "The Return". Shame on me:-)


...(excuse my big "but":-) I know a winner when I see one...

And Mars Hill Classified IS A WINNER!!

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In the first novel, "The Evidence", we meet John Wells, aspiring astronaut, just as NASA comes calling. Space exploration appeals to many, and the price paid by the families resembles the sacrifices of our military men and women. These stories were a good reminder to me to keep them and their loved ones in prayer.

Flash forward thirteen years, and on a routine mission, news from earth sucker punches the reader and the exploration team in a huge way--terrorists have struck, and this time they make September 11th look like a traffic accident.

Packed with rich imagery and realistic dialogue, Austin Boyd's space series reads almost ripped from the headlines. But as far I know, no one has actually made it to Mars. Mr. Boyd's storyline makes me believe it is definitely possible, though:-)

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"The Proof" continues the story of John Wells and crew (and you'll just have to read them yourself to see who makes it to the sequel:-). Mixed in with Mr. Boyd's speculation about life on Mars is the everyday drama of relationships.

Space travel creates temptations and trials that we experience everyday, but seem magnified by the close confines of space stations and capsules. Some might call this intergalactic drama--I say that cheapens the powerful message of Mr. Boyd's tale.

When it comes to speculative fiction, authors who are skilled take us out of the norm, out of our comfort zones...and put a magnifying glass on what truly troubles mankind and the Real Answer we all seek. And sometimes it is easier to see from a distance what is right under our noses.

After reading books one and two...I must admit, I'm eager to dive into "The Return". I just have a feeling I'm going to be a tad bit upset with Mr. Boyd as I turn the final page...because this feels like a series I won't want to end:-)

I'm giving the entire "Mars Hill Classified" series five out of five bookmarks, with a teeny tiny replica of Planet Mars...I'm still making up my mind whether or not I want to go there!!

Plus, I'm loving the color scheme...red, white, and blue! Go, USA!! (But I love other countries too...right, Rel??)

Happy Reading!



twiga92 said...

I've read book 1 so far and am looking forward to books 2 and 3.

Brittanie said...

I have not read these but I am with you on the color scheme. I love Don Brown's books and their cover red,white,and blue designs. :)

Austin Boyd said...


I'm honored by your incredible blog. You took lots of time to read, to write a review, and to publish the interview. Thanks for that investment of time.

And thank you for the wonderful compliments. It's amazing, as a writer, to have people around the world reading your work and yet never get to meet the people who like the book. It's an incredible honor to get reviews like yours, knowing that it was the book, not a gift of a book, or knowing someone, that generated the nice comments. That makes all the long days (starting at 4 AM) worth it.

The color scheme has a fun story behind it. The space station is white... brilliant white, painted with a special product invented here in Huntsville, AL. The first book, set on the space station, is white. Mars is red, and we all go to Mars the first time in The Proof. It released at Christmas... guess what color plays at Christmas.

And in The Return we come back to the blue planet... a blue book, released on the 4th of July. A red-white-and-blue trilogy, on Independence Day. So... there's a theme and a message in book styles, and we were able to pull this one off. Thanks for noticing!

I appreciate your comments and your devotion to promoting books on your site. Those of you who do this, with no renumeration other than the personal satisfaction of a job well done, have made a huge impact on the community for those of us who are the authors. Thank you!


Austin Boyd