Monday, September 10, 2007

The Case For The Real Jesus by Lee Strobel

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Maybe you're like are sick and tired of all of the "latest and greatest" findings concerning who Jesus really was and what it all means to today's church. You know what they are saying is a bunch of whooey...but how to prove it?

Once again, Lee Strobel has used his God-given gift for investigative journalism and written the definitive book for today's believer. "The Case for the Real Jesus" is a hard-hitting examination of all the claims circulating in today's media about Jesus.

Written in his trademark question and interview style, Lee doesn't shy away from anything. He opens with the why of the book, and then immediately dives into the expert examinations of six of the most recent challenges to who Jesus is and what Christianity is really about.

In just the first chapter alone, Lee tackles all of the "new gospels" being touted as suppressed by the early church (and even the church of today). He goes straight to the most accurate experts he can find, and asks the hard questions. This one chapter proves out the detail and minute examination you'll find in the entire book...nothing is left to opinion or chance.

This book is not to be taken lightly. This is some heavy reading...but it is so worth it! With so many desperate to discourage, disparage and discredit our Lord and Savior and to demolish what we know to be true, we cannot afford to ignore any tool to defend our knowledge.

Lee is known for leaving no stone unturned...and as a former atheist who now believes, you can trust him to dig for the truth. Our faith cannot be shaken, because it is founded in truth from God Himself...but the world stands on shaky ground. We must know not only what we believe, and whom we believe in...but why it is true.

This book will help you do just that. Ultimately, it comes down to faith. All the evidence in the world isn't enough without the key element of faith. But it is nice to know the facts behind that faith...and I highly recommend Lee's latest book.

I give "The Case for the Real Jesus" five out of five bookmarks, with a magnifying glass charm (I thought about an empty tomb, because it is, after all...EMPTY!!). For the believer in doubt, for the skeptic who truly wants to know truth, for any pastor or teacher...this is a book worth adding to your library!

Happy Reading!


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