Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bottom Line by Kimberly Stuart

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The second in the Heidi Elliot saga is an enjoyable read that tends to push the envelope a bit. But at least it doesn't fall over the cliff of decency.

"Bottom Line" begins with once infant Nora now a rambuctious four year old. Heidi has decided to become a stay-at-home mom, and it's a struggle. Going from a dual income family to a single, especially when the primary wage earner is self employed can be a huge step of faith.

Heidi is also relatively new in her faith in Christ. Still being mentored by Willow (my favorite character in this series), Heidi is searching for something. Is it a new baby? A part time career? Or a deeper walk with God?

Through the Strut and Stroll exercise group she belongs to, Heidi meets up with Kylie, founder of Solomon's Closet. Turns out, SC is a company that sells lingerie to Christian women.

I didn't know quite what to expect in this volume. The language is a bit edgy, characters drink socially (which, I've noticed, is becoming a common theme in women's fiction...and I'm not touching that subject with a ten-foot shot glass...ifn' there was such a thing).

All in all, it was a nice "read until something else catches my fancy or hits my mailbox" kind of read. I give "Bottom Line" three out of five bookmarks. I'll probably continue to read the Heidi saga, simply because I started it, and Momma didn't raise no quitter.

BUT, not unless the book is on the bargain table, or I can get it from a friend.

Happy Reading!



John Divito said...

Does sound interesting.

Have you seen this, I haven't read any Potter books but thought you might find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful review. I will look for the first book at yard sales for when I am inbetween more intense reads and longing for something a little more light. Thanks!