Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Legend of the Firefish by George Bryan Polivka

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Fans of Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner have something to smile about! "The Legend of the Firefish is an excellent read for pirate lover's everywhere. George Bryan Polivka has penned a swashbuckling tale that will have pages flying!

Packer Throme is at loose ends, and for good reason. He's been booted out of seminary, trained by a master swordsman, fallen in love with the minister's lovely daughter, and is desperate to bring wealth to his failing fishing village.

Having hatched a plan to board The Trophy Chase and armed only with his sword and his late father's knowledge, Packer hopes to find the elusive Firefish and his dreams of success.

But, like the best laid plans, of which Packer's ISN'T one, things go wrong and do so very quickly!

Panna Seline, his beloved, isn't your typical lady in waiting. She's not waiting on anyone, but taking matters into her own strong...I mean, lovely hands. Bound and determined to find Packer and bring him home, she too finds herself in deep water and out of her element.

Packed with authentic and crusty characters, duels that literally ring off the pages, and the most amazing creation known to fantasy literature--the Firefish--Polivka has achieved his own niche in Christian fantasy fiction.

First in a trilogy, "The Legend of the Firefish" has just enough romance and action to please any reader. I'm still in awe of the Firefish itself, and how rich and vivid Mr. Polivka's description is...this is a visual feast!

"The Legend of the Firefish" gets five out of five bookmarks from me, with a spyglass charm...so you can be on the watch for Firefish--you want to see them before they see YOU, trust me:-)

The second novel in the trilogy, "The Hand That Bears the Sword" is available now (and on my shelf:-). The third and final volume, "The Battle for Vast Dominion" is due out January of 2008...plenty of time to catch up to Packer, Panna, and company!!

Now, to WIN a SIGNED COPY of this wonderful new fantasy novel--simply leave me a comment:-) I'm drawing a winner on Monday, August 27th!

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