Thursday, August 9, 2007

Elvis Takes A Back Seat by Leanna Ellis

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This novel was NOT what I expected! The title, the cover, and the back blurp all led me to believe this was light-hearted chick-lit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

"Elvis Takes A Back Seat" is the story of Claudia, a young widow struggling to move on after her husband has died of cancer. A huge Elvis fan, her husband has left her a lot of memorabilia--including a three foot bust of "The King" himself.

A note is in the box, asking Claudia to take the statue back where it belongs...Faithland...or did he mean Graceland? Reluctantly, she goes on a roadtrip to Memphis along with her Aunt Rae and the teen daughter of her husband's best friend.

What follows is a Thelma and Louise kind of story...minus the ick and the tragic ending. Secrets come out, and hidden pasts are revealed. Even Ivy, Ben's sixteen year old daughter carries a secret of her own on this journey.

Three women, completely different ages, but their lives converge as they take Elvis home. And along the way, Elvis does indeed take a back seat to their journey of self-discovery.

"Elvis Takes a Back Seat" gets three out of five bookmarks from me. Enjoyable reading, well-developed characters and LOTS of Elvis tidbits. Even Leanna's website is Elvis oriented.

Happy Reading!


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Julie Carobini said...

Interesting concept. Thanks for telling us about it, Deena.