Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Stones Cry Out by Sibella Giorello

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If two men fall from a rooftop to their deaths, and 600 people witness it, does it mean no one saw anything??

This is the question for FBI agent Raleigh Harmon.

A white cop and a black man both plunge to their deaths and create a civil rights investigative nightmare for Raleigh. With pressure from the bureau, tight-lipped witnesses, and her own father's murder still unsolved, Raleigh must fight for every drop of evidence she gathers.

While uncovering evidence to solve her professional mystery, she struggles with the personal mystery of her father's death. It leaves me to wonder if this mystery is one Raleigh will one day tackle professionally.

Added to the mix is her beloved mom, who is battling her own mystery of the mind. What causes Nadine Shaw Harmon to drift away from her daughter, into a place no one can follow?

Each thread creates a gorgeous tapestry of gritty, Southern suspense.

Sibella is a gem of a writer...her voice is authentic, her characters are multi-dimensional and fascinating, and she has that slow, Southern poetic style of writing that I am SO growing to love.

I love to read, and I love to discover new authors even more. This is one discovery I'm thrilled to share with you! Good news: Sibella set us up for a sequel. Bad news: I have NO idea when it will be released.

"The Stones Cry Out" is a brilliant debut novel, and I'm eager for more from Sibella Giorello. I give this new discovery five out of five bookmarks...a rare rating for a debut...but this is excellent, gritty detective suspense....I can't rate it any less.

Happy Reading!


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