Saturday, June 2, 2007

Gone With The Groom by Janice A. Thompson

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The cozy mysteries written by Janice A. Thompson are the coziest I've ever found! "Gone with the Groom" is the second in a series that is so much fun to read. Just when you think you've solved it, you find out you're way off the mark...just like Annie Peterson and her crime solving family.

We first met Annie in "The Wedding Caper". Two daughters, both engaged and both marrying within months of one another. But the question isn't how will Annie and Warren pay for both weddings. No, the question NOW is who took the $25,000 from the bank where Warren works, and how did Warren suddenly come up with the money for both weddings??

Solving that was a fun adventure, and now we find Brandi Peterson ready for her wedding in two weeks...with no groom in sight!! Scottt has vanished without a trace, and it's up to "Agatha Annie" and her madcap family to find him before the wedding deposits are all wasted.

Is Scott's disappearance tied to his job at the pharmaceutical factory? Or have the prank-prone groomsmen snatched him as a joke gone bad? And what is up with Scott's father, Otis, surfacing after many years as an absent father...did he kidnap Scott to get back at his ex-wife, Nadine?

Then of course, there's Nadine's opponents in her bid for city many suspects, what's a mother of the bride to do?? Annie gets out her trusty notebook and sets out with her pal Sheila and her pet Sasha to uncover clues as to Scott's whereabouts.

Packed with wittisms from Sheila, mother of the bride tips, and a lot of fun, "Gone with the Groom" will delight any cozy mystery lover. Annie's faith is key to this story, and there are many faith lessons she passes on to the reader.

"Gone with the Groom" gets 4 bookmarks from me and a little daschund charm for Sasha. Pick up a copy of this great summer read today...but don't forget the first in this series, "The Wedding Caper"!!

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Denise said...

So many good reads, woo hoo.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the great review! I had a blast writing GONE WITH THE GROOM, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! - Janice