Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson

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Now, I have to tell you, while I love Lisa's writing, this is not a "throw it in your bag and head for the local coffee shop" read. Her reading takes time, thought, and dedication. But it is so well worth the time.

"Quaker Summer" is the story of Heather Curridge and her stuff. Heather is like many Christians in America today...accumulating the wealth of the world and wondering where the meaning is in all of this.

This is a story told in three movements; The Fool On the Hill, The Long and Winding Road, and I'll Follow the Sun.

The irony, and I'm sure Lisa intended it this way, is the writing reflects Heather's state of mind. I almost put the book down, because the first few chapters felt so scattered and disjointed. But I love Lisa's work, so I hung in there.

I'm so glad I did. Once Heather receives her "sign", and ends up at Anna & Liza's home, everything calms to a peaceful flow. You can almost feel the shift instantly. One moment, chaos and insanity, the next, sweet serenity. It helps that Anna is Quaker...although it's anyone's guess what Liza is!!

The third section involves the core message of the book. It's time for today's church to step out of her comfort zones, to intermingle with people of other denominations, and to stop seeing ourselves as heroes of the faith simply because we write a check to a charity or serve Thanksgiving dinner at the local homeless shelter.

We need to get to the heart of what Jesus meant when He said "When you've done it unto the least of these, you've done it unto Me."

For any woman wondering "What's it all about, Alfie?", this is the novel to read. It's no accident that this book was chosen "Women of Faith novel of the year." It just may be the novel of this generation.

She isn't easy to read, but she is well, well worth the time it takes...pick up a copy of "Quaker Summer". It'll change the way you serve God...and that's a good thing.

Happy Reading!


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MizB said...

Just curious... do you review for anyone in particular, or do you just love to read Christian fiction, and review it for your own enjoyment?

I love that you've reviewed soooo many of the books I've wanted to read, and so many of the books whose covers have caught my eye and made me think I might want to read those books. ;o)


<>< Mizbooks,
fellow book reviewer

PS... You're making me feel guilty for not finishing more books faster! LOL I have about 13 review books sitting up on my shelf that need to get read! LOL