Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus written and illustrated by John Hendrix

About the Book:

Miracle Man is a beautifully illustrated biography of Jesus Christ by award-winning author and illustrator John Hendrix. For all Christian denominations and perfect for families to share throughout the year, this book will be especially beloved by the faithful as a gift for Easter, communions, christenings, religious graduations, and all other secular holidays.

This book freshly reinterprets some of the oldest and best-known stories in human history and focuses on some of the many miracles that Jesus performed before his crucifixion. Jesus’s miracles are endless. From the large harvest of fish to washing the unclean, healing the sick, feeding the poor, and walking on water, Jesus performs feats that draw in believers that he is the Son of God.

Unfortunately it also attracts the attention of nonbelievers, who saddle him with the cross he must bear. After all of his miraculous acts, the book closes with a final wonder for all to see—one that changes faith and religion as the world knows it, forever. The book includes a list of Bible stories that inspired it.

Award-winning author and illustrator John Hendrix offers his most personal work to date. Known for his striking use of illustration mixed with custom fonts, his depiction of the life of Jesus Christ will be cherished by the faithful everywhere.

My Thoughts:

"Miracle Man" is a gorgeous children's book that teaches children about the life of Jesus Christ.  While the book doesn't directly reference the Scriptural account (there is an appendix that gives chapter and verse for the stories told), the treatment of the true story is GORGEOUS.

This book will appeal to readers of all ages.  While it is primarily a children's book, I'd buy copies for the adults in my life.  Hendrix gives the all too familiar story a fresh feel with his bold and colorful illustrations, and for anyone who isn't familiar with Jesus, a clear and concise account of the man who was also God.

The entire design of the book is wonderful, but the word art Hendrix creates is exquisite.  Familiar stories come to life and have an extra impact, which is trending with today's believer as part of the illustrated Bible study method.

My thanks to my friends at Abrams Publishing for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  I truly love this book, and encourage you to purchase copies for Easter.  A great gift, highly recommended.

Happy Reading!


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