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Author Spotlight: Allia Zobel Nolan Day Two

Hello again!

Welcome to Interview with Allia: Part Two!  Isn't she so much fun??  And at the end of our interview, another chance to win a copy of Angels in the Bible Storybook!

Fast Five: 1) M&M’s—plain or peanut? Neither, prefer Good & Plenty

                     2) Beverage—tea or coffee?  As we say in New Yawk, “cawfee.”  

                     3) Books—hardcover or paperback?  Hardcover

                     4) Craziest thing you’ve used as a bookmark? CatToy mouse

                     5) Pizza—pepperoni, cheese, or combo? Cheese only.

 1)   What one message do you want families to take away from Angels?

I want families and especially children to know how important, powerful and majestic the angels are and how they have and continue to, go about behind the scenes carrying out God’s Will.  I want children, especially, to realize angels aren’t…as they are so often portrayed, ….like Valentine’s Day cupids….chubby, toddler-like babies. They are awesome spirits that God created to act as messengers, protectors, and warriors.

And this book is unique because it introduces readers of all ages to the Bible stories that demonstrate the role angels played, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and how angels will figure in at the end of time and throughout all eternity.

What’s more, I feel children need to know that even though we can’t see them, God still uses his angels to help, protect, and guide us, and that we should never lose sight of that fact because as the Bible says, “For God will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.”  Plus we have Jesus’s words when he tells us to pay attention to our little ones and not look down on them because their “angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father.”

2)  How are the illustrators you’ve worked with selected?

Having worked with illustrators my whole life, I have a portfolio full of samples. Plus whenever I notice a good illustrator, I put her/his info in my files. Before I submit a project, I generally look through these files, plus I look at artists’ online portfolios and pick out a few whom I think might work well with the book I’m pitching. I have a section called: “suggested artists” in my pitches and I list these illustrators as possibilities for the editor to consider. If the editor agrees with my choices, she finds out if the artist is available within the timeframe and budget.

   7) Can you please share about any upcoming projects?

Well, I wrote a tween devotional a while ago, based on St. Paul’s admonitions to seek out whatever is “pure, noble, right, true, excellent, praiseworthy, lovely, and admirable,” and the book will be reprinted in hardcover, in a colorful format, with journaling pages and a new title.  This book teaches young woman that thoughts are powerful tools for good…and for evil; that they can change their lives by changing their thoughts; and that they don’t have to succumb to the crassness, impurity, and violence that permeates our world if they live according to the virtues espoused in Philippines 4:8. It highlights alternatives and ways to do this, ways that will keep readers’ minds and hearts on things that are uplifting and lovely. And in fact, that’s the new title of this book, WHATEVER IS LOVELY. And that book pubs next year.  I also finished a toddler version of ANGELS IN THE BIBLE STORYBOOK, geared obviously to the youngest set. And that will be available next year as well. I’m also working on a gift book about being grateful, and a book about cat loss.

   8) What one piece of advice would you give parents on helping their children engage with God’s Word?

Start a routine of reading Bible stories to your children at an early age. There are zillions of Bible storybooks (including Angels in the Bible Storybook) you can use.  Set aside a quiet time, before bed or naptime, and make that time a sacred bonding time with both God and your child. If you get a chance to use something that happened during the day as an introduction to a Bible story lesson, jot it down and make the connection during your quiet time. Also let your child see you reading the Bible. Lead by example.

   9) Where can my readers find you on the internet?

Website: www.AlliaWrites.com. However,I am in the process of revamping for a new look. So check back from time to time to see the new, improved site.

Twitter: @KittyLiterate

10) Anything else you’d like my readers to know?

   Just that I consider myself really really blessed to be doing what I love to do. But it didn’t happen overnight.  It took a lot of work and a dogged perseverance. Plus there were plenty of bumps in the road. And I came close to throwing in the towel and becoming a spelunker. Still, writing is the only thing I ever wanted to do. And I think though it all, I was led…which is why I love the Scripture… “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."  Thanks so much for your support, Deena.

To win a copy of Angels in the Bible, leave a question in the comments for Allia or myself!

Happy Reading!



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