Thursday, March 17, 2016

Angels in the Bible Storybook by Allia Zobel Nolan, illustrated by Alida Massari

About the Book:

Where were the angels when God created the world?

Why did an angel force a donkey off a road?

Who did the angels get out of jail twice?

Young readers will find answers to these and other questions in this exciting storybook, written by bestselling author Allia Zobel Nolan with illustrations by Alida Massari.

Angels in the Bible Storybook gives children a fascinating look into how God’s powerful behind-the-scenes helpers interacted with Bible greats from Abraham, Lot, and Gideon to Zechariah, Mary, and Jesus himself, acting as messengers, protectors, warriors, and more.

My Thoughts:

First and foremost, this is by far the best book on the subject of angels from a purely biblical perspective.  Allia respects her readers (and their parents!) and gives a clear and accurate--and majestic--picture of God's messengers.

Filled with full color illustrations that are gorgeous, each story shares a biblical account of an angelic appearance.  Allia tells stories from both the Old and New Testament, beginning with creation and ending with the angels of Heaven.

Each story is accurately represents Scripture, but is told in a child's language.  Allia includes the reference to the story found in the Bible (which is so important to this grandmother!), and the stories are a little longer than in her previous books.  But the style of writing is engaging and will capture the imagination of your little ones.

My thanks to my friends at Zondervan Publishing for my complimentary copy of "Angels in the Bible Storybook".  This is an absolutely gorgeous book for children, and perfect for Valentine's Day and the coming Easter holiday!  Highly, highly recommended.

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Allia Zobel Nolan said...

Thanks a bunchski for reviewing ANGELS IN THE BIBLE STORYBOOK. The artist, Alida Massari, really outdid herself on this book. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.