Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg

About the Book:

This is the sweet and funny tale of a young girl named Candy and her Cankersaur Rex! Candy receives a dinosaur as a gift and is determined to train him to be a good pet.

This playful homage to Syd Hoff will make all dinosaur-crazy boys and girls happy!

 As a bedtime story Picture Book it's ideal for children ages 2-7.

My Thoughts:

The book description doesn't really tell you much, does it?  Allow me to fill in some empty spaces:

1. Candy is lovable.

2. Her father is too busy.

3. Because of #1 and #2, he tends to buy her extravagant gifts.

4. Her little neighbor covets (i.e., gets pouty faced and tries to one up her).

This story is cute and engaging, and is extremely whimsical.  I love Jason's motivation!  He wants to recreate the books from his childhood, and he takes great care with his writing and illustrating.  The drawings may look a bit simple, but go and check out his other books.

Every book has a different flavor and appeal, and I'm proud to introduce him to you with "Candy and the Cankersaur".  My thanks to author Jason Sandberg for gifting me a prerelease e-copy of his book for review.

Recommended, and I'm off to check out his other titles.  Very eye-catching artwork!

Happy Reading!



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