Friday, December 26, 2014

Playing Saint by Zachary Bartels

About the Book:

Yesterday, Parker Saint’s only concern was his swiftly rising star power.
Today, he’s just trying to stay alive.

Parker Saint is living the dream. A cushy job at a thriving megachurch has him on the verge of becoming a bestselling author and broadcast celebrity—until life takes an abrupt turn that lands him on the wrong side of the law. To avoid a public scandal, he agrees to consult with the police on a series of brutal murders linked by strange religious symbols scrawled on each victim.

Parker tries to play the expert, but he is clearly in over his head. Drawn ever deeper into a web of intrigue involving a demanding detective, a trio of secretive Vatican operatives, and a centuries-old conspiracy to conceal a mysterious relic, he realizes for the first time that the battle between good and evil is all too real—and that the killer is coming back . . . this time for him.

“A thought-provoking exploration into the power of faith and the reality of evil. Filled with memorable characters and tight writing, Playing  Saint is an impressive debut from an author to watch.” —Steven James, bestselling author of Placebo and The Queen

My Thoughts:

Well, any novel endorsed by Steven James is definitely my kind of novel!  Zachary Bartels' has made a huge splash in the world of inspirational suspense, and he is a most gifted storyteller.  I was gripped from the first page and was up until the wee hours of the morning eager to see what happened next.

"Playing Saint" will have you suffering from 'just-one-more-chapter syndrome'.  Parker is a puzzle: does he believe, or does he not?  We've seen it in the headlines, pastors with the huge congregations who's ministries suddenly go kablooey. 

But the mystery that Parker follows in order to aid the police will have you gritting your teeth and praying he can help solve it before more bodies fall.  My thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Zachary Bartels needs to be on your 'authors to watch' list, and his debut, "Playing Saint" is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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