Friday, October 17, 2014

Lights Out: Living in a Sightless World by Travis Freeman with Rebeca DeBoard Seitz

About the Book:

When the lights go out - play harder. Travis Freeman plunged into a world of darkness at 12 years old. A rare occurrence of a routine illness stole his sight, leaving the small-town Kentucky boy's dreams of football and fun languish-ing on the sidelines.

Having given his heart to Jesus merely a year before the illness, Travis knew one thing: God was still the light for his life. That life story is now the inspiration for a major motion picture, "23 BLAST" that hits theatres in October 2014. Starring Dylan Baker (SPIDERMAN, THE GOOD WIFE) and Mark Hapka (DAYS OF OUR LIVES, CRIMINAL MINDS), the film focuses on Travis's football career playing Center for the Corbin Red-hounds - a team that went on to win the state championship.

Yet there is even more wisdom and hope for us to find in a full telling of Travis Freeman's story. So much more to hear that couldn't be included in The Today Show and Dateline coverage of his football exploits. This graduate of the University of Kentucky and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary now joins with seasoned writer Rebeca Seitz to share his story in his own words. His is a story that is destined to turn the lights on for millions of readers

My Thoughts:

Let me be completely honest: I did not request "Lights Out" because I thought I would enjoy reading the book.  Quite frankly, I know one of the authors and highly respect her, so I requested my copy to help her out.

I know, I ridiculous was that!

Well, I got my comeuppance...don't you just love that word?

I LOVED EVERY PAGE!  Wow, what a story!  Travis and Rebeca make an excellent collaborative team with "Lights Out: Living in a Sightless World".  This book is engaging from the first page, painfully detailed, and triumphantly inspiring.

What young Travis had to endure was so unnecessary...and yet he and his parents endured with grace and faith.  Any other case like this would have ended in a cry for a lawsuit.  Instead, the Freeman family were thankful for the care he received, and never resentful for what he lost through it all.

And Travis...what a kid!  Going into junior high is tough enough, but entering just after you've lost your sight...amazing and brave.  Teens and tweens need to read this book.  They'll be so inspired by Travis' story, and any thoughts they might have of bullying just might get washed away.

Nothing stopped Travis from living his life to the full, and nothing should stop any of us who love Christ and want to honor Him.  Truly, all things are possible with God.  I love knowing that Travis is my spiritual brother and I'll meet him in eternity, where he will once again SEE, and so will I.

Because Travis is right....we all see through a glass darkly...we are all living blind when it comes right down to it.  So think of eternity where we'll all be known as we are known...and pray for Travis and his family while you're at it!

"Lights Out: Living in a Sightless World" is available now in bookstores and online retailers, and keep watch for the movie, starring Dylan Baker and Mark Hapka (the movie is titled "23 Blast"). 

My thanks to my friends at Glass Roads Publicity for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  Highly recommended!!

Happy Reading!



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