Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Destined For Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

About the Book:

In this sequel to Doon, Mackenna Reid realizes she made a horrible mistake in choosing to follow her dreams of Broadway instead of staying in the enchanted land of Doon. To make everything worse, she's received her Calling—proof she and Duncan are each other's one true love—and it's pure torment, especially when visions of the very alluring Scottish prince appear right before she goes on stage.

So when Duncan tells her an ancient curse threatens to overtake Doon and the new queen and Kenna’s best friend, Veronica, needs her to return, Kenna doesn't have to think twice. With darkness closing in on all sides, Kenna and Vee must battle a world of nightmares in order to protect the kingdom.

But it will take the ultimate test of courage for Kenna to salvage her happily ever after.

My Thoughts:

I was a fan with "Doon", and now that I've had the opportunity to read the sequel...I'm an even bigger fan!  In "Destined For Doon", MacKenna is in the spotlight...and that makes this reader so, so happy!

So, how to describe "Destined for Doon" to you?  Think the magical feel of "Chronicles of Narnia" meets "Lord of the Rings"...with attitude, and you'll be close to the feelings you'll get from time spent in Doon.

But don't be fooled.  While Doon can be a magical place, we all know that wherever good exists, evil is lurking just around the corner.  We go to some dark places in "Destined for Doon".  The question is do we all make it back?

Carey and Lorie have created a series that I firmly believe will one day be classic reading for fantasy faith fiction readers to enjoy.  For now, get acquainted with "Doon", then read on to see what "Destined for Doon" is all about.

Who knows...maybe that will describe your imaginary persona...perhaps you'll find out that YOU are destined...which will be way cool!

My thanks to my friends at BookLookBloggers.com for my advance reader copy of "Destined for Doon" in exchange for an honest review.  This book, as well as the first book created by Carey and Lorie, is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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