Monday, September 8, 2014

Operation Zulu: Redemtion by Ronie Kendig, a Serialization

Brand-new 5-part Serial Novel! 
They never should’ve existed.  Now they don’t.  In the aftermath of their first highly successful op, the first all-female special ops team, known as Zulu, discovered that innocent civilians—women and children—died at their hands. Zulu was set up to take the devastating fall. 

Fearing for their lives, the Zulu team vanished. With new identities and spread across the globe, they live in relative but isolated peace—yet still haunted by the past. Terrified of being discovered.   Five years after that horrific night, they’ve begun to hope they might be safe and the tragedy forgotten. 

Until two of them are murdered.

Start the mission with Operation Zulu Redemption: Overkill--The Beginning.  This FREE episode drops you into the rapid-fire action where the women of Zulu are trying to figure out who is targeting them.   Who really set Zulu up to take the fall years ago?  Are they one and the same? Now the remaining members of Zulu have no choice but to regroup and stop their enemy--before it's too late.

And Overkill is just the beginning...   

My Thoughts:

Ronie Kendig has a stellar reputation for rapid-fire fiction: in fact, that's her tag line!  But she takes no prisoners and no one is safe in her new serial novel, "Operation Zulu: Redemption".  Thank God above that this came to us in five parts...

...because your heart can't take it all at once!

I'm a true book nerd.  I hate cliff-hangers, so I scope out the books I want to read and if I discover the book is a part of a series, I'm known for hanging on until the final book is released before I even crack the cover of the first novel.

I'm not as bad as I used to be, but at times my weird habits surface, and that's what happened to me with "Operation Zulu: Redemption".  I read "Overkill", then patiently waited for the other four to release.

BIG MISTAKE!  I ended up reading them as they were originally intended...a week at a time.  Simply put, I couldn't stand the pressure, so I had to escape the library!  This is the most intense writing I've ever seen, and it's all Ronie!

Don't get attached to ANYONE...when Ronie can craft a character, introduce her to you, and five pages later she's gone...and you CRY...and get ANGRY....that's POWERFUL writing!  And yup, you'll be holding your breath and praying the entire way through "Operation Zulu: Redemption".

For imaginary people in imaginary situations, no less.  But that's because Ronie writes with such authenticity.  She knows her stuff and she knows how to wield a pen...or rather, a keyboard!  I was so stressed out this entire ride...but in its own twisted way, it was a lot of fun.

And if you can put down one of Ronie's novels and not have a higher estimation of our military than you did before you opened to page one...then check yourself.  These men and women and their families are so brave, and go through so much, to defend us, whether we ask them to or not.

I received my first installment of "Operation Zulu: Redemption" from Amazon for free, and purchased the rest of the series from them as well.  This serial novel is published by Shiloh Run Publishing, an imprint of Barbour Publishing, and all five are available now, and will be released in one big, thick book.

But don't be a ridiculous as I was and wait...Do you Zulu??  HOOAH!!
Happy Reading!



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