Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!!!

Dear Reading Buddies,

It's Labor Day, and I cannot think of anyone who worked harder than my Dad.  He gave me my love of books by buying a copy of "Trixie Belden and the Black Jacket Mystery" when I had the flu.  I was only around 8 years old, but that memory sticks in my brain and in my heart.  He also worked hard at a job that was painful for his body, driving truck, in order to buy me books, with only minor complaint--but he loved my love of books, even though he himself didn't read much.

So Happy Labor Day to my dad, Les Ward...enjoy your rest in Jesus, Daddy.

Another person who also worked hard to raise me, and took any home job she could do while being at home with me was my mom.  She shared a love of books with me (I think she's the real reason Dad didn't 'really' complain!), and teaching me that a truly good book wasn't good until it was shared.  Mom is the reason I labor over my reviews and try to pick just the perfect word when I write.  Jean Ward is the reason I review like I do.  She's the reason I share with all of you my love of books.

So Happy Labor Day to my mom, Jean Ward, and you also enjoy your rest with Jesus.

Happy Reading!



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