Friday, August 22, 2014

Move On by Vicki Courtney

About the Book:

You can say good-bye to the person you've been pretending to be!

Life is often messy. God makes provision to help us move beyond our messes.

Oftentimes our first instincts are to hide, deny, ignore, or run. InMove Onbest-selling author Vicki Courtney helps readers come clean with their muddy messes, revealing the deeper issues they must face, including:
  • the need for approval
  • struggles and broken dreams
  • shame
  • legalism
  • idols
  • Christian snobbery

It is in the middle of our messes, Vicki says, that Mercy shows up and offers us a safe place to process our struggles, imperfections, doubts, and fears. Once we face our messes, God, with his sweet mercy, can help us to get real, deal, and truly move on. Then with Mercy by our side, we are able to break free and experience the grace and freedom God intends

My Thoughts:

First of all, love the cover design on this one: GORGEOUS!  And I've always appreciated Vicki's candor and honesty in her books.  However, "Move On" is going on my keep shelf, because this is epic teaching, filled with hope and transparency and grace.

Vicki opens the book with an anecdote that would be a bombshell for any parent, especially a mom who has raised her children to live by God's Word.  The way she responds is gorgeous and filled with God's tender forgiveness and grace, which is the message of her book.

Too many Christians hold on to past sins and bad choices and wear them like post it notes from the enemy, reminding us just how awful we truly are.  NEWS FLASH: when you're in Jesus Christ, you're no longer condemned!  Time to tell the devil to take a hike and take his reminders with him.

That's not a license to sin, but a release from shame and freedom from finger-pointing, either at ourselves or at others in order to make ourselves feel just a little less awful.  We need to express, confess, repent and MOVE ON.

One line that really hit home for me had to do with a well-known pastor who fell in temptation in a very public way (and also repented in a very public way).  An attempt to share Christ with an unbeliever unraveled because Christians are known for "turning on one another and eating our own."


One thought I do wish Vicki had expressed more fully was Jesus not condemning the woman caught in adultery.  We need to remember that He did tell her He didn't condemn her...but He also said to "Go and not sin anymore."  To get it right, we really need to practice both forgiveness and exhortation to leave sin behind and "Move On".

My thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson Publishing for a copy of "Move On" in exchange for an honest review.  For me, this is the best I've read from Vicki Courtney, and it's a keeper!

Happy Reading!



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