Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cottonmouth and the River by C.S. Fritz

About the Book:

Meet Freddie Cottonmouth - A Boy Who Loves the River, Big Adventures, and a Furry Beast named Tug.
Tug loves taking Freddie on wild adventures—trips to the moon, building castles, or catching fireflies with Freddie riding on his wide furry back. When Freddie finds a mysterious egg, Tug makes him promise never to eat it. But Freddie is about to discover that broken promises come at a great price.

This is the rare children’s story—both bold and tender and brimming with moments of great risk, adventure, and heart. Combining the artistic wonder of Where the Wild Things Are with the timeless storytelling of The Polar Express, this story will capture both the imagination and the intelligence of children and their parents as it sheds light on the power of sin, sacrifice, and redemption.

My Thoughts:

This children's storybook is beautifully packaged.  From the front cover illustration to the drawings within the story, "Cottonmouth and the River" evokes memories of classics such as "Where the Wild Things Are", the Lemony Snicket books and "Hugo".

All of the illustrations are black and white, with some shades of gray, looking more like etchings or paintings.  For several pages of the story, the illustrations are telling the tale, no words necessary.  And when words are used, they are carefully chosen.

Each page holds at most a couple of paragraphs, with some pages hosting a single sentence.  Regardless, a sense of whimsy floods the story, bringing along some melancholy and a gorgeous story of redemption within the allegory.

I received a copy of "Cottonmouth and the River" as a gift from David C. Cook Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  This book makes a beautiful gift for the entire family, and is sure to lead to some interesting discussions around the dinner table or while under the covers.  This appears to be the first in a series, so hurry and get your copy today!

Happy Reading!



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