Friday, July 25, 2014

Praying the Attributes of God by Ann Spangler

About the Book:

God is bigger than you think

 Many people feel both drawn to God and afraid of him. How can they feel close to a perfect God whom their flawed self is incapable of pleasing?

Fortunately, God has revealed truths about himself in Scripture that can untangle our confusion. In this daily guide to studying and praying according to God’s attributes, Ann Spangler resurrects old-fashioned words like holiness, omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Far from boring us, these words, when excavated for their biblical meaning, paint a thrilling vision of God that can help us experience him more deeply. They can also prevent us from making the colossal mistake of concluding God is too weak, distant, or uncaring to help us when we need him.

In the tradition of her bestselling books Praying the Names of God and Women of the Bible, this new devotional focuses on one particular attribute each week.

Praying the Attributes of God will help you see that God is far bigger and far better than you could ever hope or suspect.

My Thoughts:

Sometimes I fear we spend so much time thinking and talking about Jesus that we forget about God.  Yes, I know Jesus is God made flesh and He and God are the same person.  But do we understand the magnitude of God?  Just who He is?

That's why I love this book.  Each week focuses on a different attribute, and daily readings really give emphasis.  Ann packs lots of Scripture into each reading, keeping the focus on God, His person, and His Word.

God cares about you...spend a week thinking about how loving He is.  God is better than you think...spend a week thinking about just how good He is.  And God is way bigger than you think...focus for a few days on just how infinite He is.

You'll focus on a total of 17 different attributes and come away with a deeper, richer view of God...and Jesus...and the Holy Spirit.  My thanks to my friends at Tyndale House Publishers for my sneak peek at "Praying the Attributes of God".  Her previous book, "Praying the Names of God" is going on my wish list!

Happy Reading!



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