Sunday, June 9, 2013

Unleash! by Perry Noble

About the Book:

Why is it that we trust Jesus with our salvation but never fully trust him with our lives?

God longs to unleash his full measure of power in our lives to fill us with passion and purpose. But too often the things of our past—fear, anger, bitterness, worry and doubt—hold us back. Rather than focusing on the reality of who Christ is and what he has done for us, we allow ourselves to be identified by all the things we aren’t. But we are not who our past says we are, and we are not who the enemy says we are. We are who God and his Word say that we are.

Pastor Perry Noble challenges all followers of Christ to make a bold move by fully embracing the exciting adventure God has called us to. Are you ready to unleash all the life he has created you to live? Join Perry on this journey as he digs into the major barriers holding people back and shows how Jesus calls and equips his followers to experience a life most of us never dreamed possible.

My Thoughts:

Pastor Perry Noble can tell a story, and he puts that talent to good use in his first book, "Unleash!".  By sharing anecdotes from his own life, Perry draws the reader into the book, engaging the imagination while reaching the soul.

"Unleash!" won't allow you to settle for the status quo in your faith.  This book is ideal for new believers and people who've been walking with God for a few years.  For those who've been believers in Christ for decades, "Unleash!" is like a fresh breeze that comes along and blows out the cobwebs and the stale faith.

"Unleash!" is packed with Scripture, backing up the points Perry makes about our custom designed purpose as a child of God.  He draws a lot from the life of David to show how just walking in honest faith can provide ample opportunity to live a life unleashed for God.

The chapters are short, which makes for quick reading.  The stories are entertaining, transparent and engaging, and each one serves a purpose.  You'll not only get to know yourself much better, you'll get to know Perry Noble much better as well!

I borrowed my husband's copy of "Unleash!" to see for myself how to refresh my faith in Christ.  It's nice having a husband who's also a pastor, especially one that enjoys reading as much as I do!

"Unleash!" is recommended, especially for discipling new believers in Christ, and is published by Tyndale Publishing.

Happy Reading!



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