Monday, May 6, 2013

When A Secret Kills by Lynette Eason

About the Book:

She's come home to put a killer behind bars.
But the killer plans to put her six feet under.
Investigative reporter Jillian Carter knows it's time to put the past to rest. She's tired of looking over her shoulder, letting a killer go free. She's no longer the scared kid who changed her name and disappeared.

Now, no matter what the cost, Jillian must do what she is trained to do--find the truth and expose it. And the truth is that Senator Frank Hoffman committed murder ten years ago--and Jillian watched it happen.

Didn't she?

Get ready for the spine-tingling, nail-biting conclusion to this explosive series.

My Thoughts:

Of the three novels in this series, the final one is the most solid and enjoyable.  Jillian's character is well developed and has an awful lot to hide, which makes her fascinating.  Her best friends Alexia and Serena did well in their own novels, but this is by far my favorite.

Colton was once Jillian's love; now he is her protector.  But from whom?  His uncle couldn't have done what she's accusing him of doing.  Once the truth comes out, will Jillian finally be safe?  Can they rebuild on the foundation of young love?

Or is more lurking in Jillian's mysterious disappearance?  What happened during those ten years?  Does she have even more to hide?  Will the pressure of the past be too much and drive a permanent wedge between Jillian and Colton?

And just how many ways can a person escape death before no more escape remains?

"When a Secret Kills" is filled with suspense, unexpected twists and turns and an ending you won't see coming.  I thoroughly enjoyed the final book in the "Deadly Reunions" series.

I received a copy of "When a Secret Kills" from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  Of the entire series, this one is the best, but all three are good reads.  "When a Secret Kills" is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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