Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Wings by Donna Stanley

About the Book:

Why is it that when we pray for the supernatural, we are surprised when it shows up?

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Stanton knows the Bible says guardian angels exist, but assumes they only show up when people are dying or need to be saved from some kind of sudden disaster…until her own guardian angel appears to her in the form of a handsome blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy her own age.

As Olivia gets to know Mike, she begins to see angels—both good and evil—on a regular basis, and quickly learns how many misconceptions she had about the spiritual realm.

Will Mike be able to prepare Olivia for the daunting spiritual battle about to overtake her small town before it destroys her and everyone she cares about?

My Thoughts:

Well, hmmm.  This is a new feeling for me.  I like the book...just not the feeling of 'tell/not show' I got throughout the reading.  I kept feeling like Donna didn't quite trust my eyes for me, and felt the need to tell me everything I was 'seeing'.

That said, let's get on to the good stuff, shall we?

First and foremost, a Biblically accurate book about angels.  And not a vampire in sight!  Donna set out to write an alternative to what's in the general YA fiction marketplace, and she definitely succeeded on that count.

Second, a realistic view of teen life, without getting overly maudlin or angst-y (that's my word for it, anyway).  I've read books that make it obvious that this character is going through a bad break up or this one is totally emo and needs to be watched.

With "New Wings", even the most stable in appearance can be hiding some painful secrets, as we see with a main character early on.  And be warned: when Donna reveals what's hidden beneath the surface, she doesn't shy away from the truth.  Might want to know that before deciding to allow younger teens to read the book.

Some of the spiritual warfare seemed a bit over the top, but I'm not an expert.  I do believe in angels, demons and that the spiritual realm is far more than most of us ever consider.  That said, the caution about messing around with the occult is gravely needed by today's generation.  PAY ATTENTION, readers!

I had one more rather big issue with "New Wings".  Mike.  Or, rather, his appearance.  Yell at me if you must, but his description (completely with cool, flashy car), reminded me a bit too much of "Twilight".  I think Mike would have been perfectly fine as ordinary looking guy driving a Honda.

But, I'm not a teen aged girl.  So, what do I know?

In all, this wasn't bad.  I had some issues with the book, but I'd still rather give this to my daughter to read than quite a few other books on the shelves.  I saw great potential in "New Wings", and I hope Donna continues her quest to provide healthy alternative reading for today's teen marketplace.

"New Wings" is recommended.

Happy Reading!



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