Friday, May 10, 2013

Always the Baker, Finally the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker

About the Book:

In Always the Baker, Never the Bride, readers fell in love with Emma Rae and Jackson, and they’ve gotten more acquainted with them in the two books that followed.

But now it’s time for the diamond to meet the road as Jackson fields an offer to sell The Tanglewood, a move that will uproot this high-flying family act once and for all.

Get reacquainted with all of the lovable and quirky characters from the first three books as your favorite diabetic baker figures out if she'll achieve her greatest goal of all: Will Emma, at last, become FINALLY the Bride?

My Thoughts:

I've been a fan of this series from the first book.  Emma Rae Travis is a delightful and unique character.  I've never met a baker who was unable to eat her own creations, but Emma didn't allow diabetes to stop her from becoming a world class pastry chef.

Jackson was endearing from the moment he stepped into Emma's shop and very grumpily ordered black coffee.  She had him at hazelnut, I'd wager (you'll have to read the series).

In each subsequent novel, we were introduced to more enjoyable characters and got to glimpse behind the scenes moments in the ultimate wedding planning.  But Sandra's final novel, "Always the Baker, Finally the Bride" captures Emma's moment in the spotlight.

One problem...the baker can't seem to create her own one of a kind wedding cake!  Will Emma's baker's block be relieved in time for the ceremony she's been waiting for her entire life?

I think I'll miss Aunt Sophie the most, with her forgetful ways and endearing love of attending all of Emma's weddings (to Jackson--again, you'll have to read the books).  But Fiona is a close second in my favorite character category.  Her gothic appearance hides a heart of gold, and she's almost as skilled as Emma by now.

As an added treat, you'll find helpful hints for planning a wedding, selecting a wedding gown, recipes, and in this book tips on keeping special needs brides healthy during the stressful wedding planning time.  I loved those little extras and always looked forward to seeing what Sandra would share...especially the recipes!

Although, I don't see myself trying out Emma's famous Creme Brulee Wedding Cake any time soon...I'll have to find a chef to make one for me, I think.

I received a copy of "Always the Baker, Finally the Bride" from Abindgon Press in exchange for an honest review.  I recommend the entire series to you, and think it would make an excellent summer time reading experience.

Begin with "Always the Baker, Never the Bride", then "Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride", followed by "Always the Designer, Never the Bride" and conclude with "Always the Baker, Finally the Bride".  Huge applause to the cover artist for clever book illustrations as well.

Happy Reading!



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