Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig

About the Book:

A year ago in Afghanistan, Green Beret Heath Daniel’s career was destroyed. Along with his faith. Now he and his military war dog, Trinity, train other dogs and their handlers.
Though his passion is to be back in action, the medical discharge has forced Heath—and Trinity—to the sidelines. Military intelligence officer Darci Kintz is captured while secretly tracking the Taliban.
Only one dog can handle the extreme conditions to save her. Trinity. Only one man can handle Trinity. Time is running out on the greatest—and most dangerous—mission of their lives.

My Thoughts:

Allow Ronie Kendig to bless you with a new appreciation and a deeper understand of our men and women in well as those who serve in fur and tails!

Here's what I love about Ronie Kendig's novels: she always honors the forgotten.  In her last series Ronie wrote about men who'd given their all in combat for our country, only to return home and get lost in the system, or to find they'd lost everything. 

She took those characters and gave them purpose and a mission...and made them move into your memory and take up residence.  She made them true heroes, and taught us all what sacrifice looks like in defense of one's country.

Now Ronie's back with a new series, "A Breed Apart", celebrating the dogs of war.  In the first book we meet Trinity and her handler, former Green Beret Heath "Ghost" Daniels.

Injured in an ambush, it looks like Heath's military career is now part of his past, but what about his future?  Enter a new program called "A Breed Apart", helping service dogs and their handlers find new purpose in defense of our country.

Darci Kintz, aka Jia, is a military operative with scars of her own.  She's on a clandestine mission to gather intel on the Taliban when she stumbles upon a secret worth killing for...could she be the target?

Only Heath and Trinity can find her once she's captured, and that's when the real adventure begins.  Watching dog and handler work together, build a loyal friendship that even death cannot sever was amazing.  I came away with new respect for another aspect of our defense.

My only issue with the book was keeping track of all of the characters...the Chinese ones in particular.  Being unfamiliar with the names and pronunciations had me tripping over some of the pages, but the gist of the story was clear, and vengeance will always pay you back more than the one you go after.

Loved Darci, loved Heath, and loved Trinity.  Candyman and Watterboy (love those nicknames, Ronie!) are a hoot, and I'm looking forward to meeting many more new characters to love in the future novels.

I received an advance copy via NetGalley from Barbour Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  I had to take my time and re-read a few lost in the names once or twice!  But still highly recommended. 

Happy Reading!



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