Thursday, September 6, 2012

Opening Moves by Steven James

From the Back of the Book:

In The Bowers Files novels, FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers has stopped some of the most vicious serial killers ever imagined. Now, in the fifth exciting installment, author Steven James takes readers back to Bowers’s terrifying beginning.

Milwaukee, 1997. In a city reeling from the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, a series of gruesome kidnappings and mutilations draw authorities into a case like nothing they’ve ever seen. Cops think a Dahmer copycat is on the loose.

But Patrick Bowers, working as a homicide detective, suspects this is more than an ode to the infamous cannibal. When he discovers that the shocking acts reference some of the most notorious and macabre killers in our nation’s history, the investigation spirals into a nightmare of manipulation, brutality, and terror.

Wielding groundbreaking investigative techniques, Bowers must now face off with a killer who will stop at nothing to get his message out to the world. Chilling, gritty, and packed with twists and turns, Opening Moves is Steven James’s most heart-pounding novel yet.

My Thoughts:

Steven James captivated me with "The Pawn", and he held me in his literary grip through each consecutive novel. Patrick Bowers is a strong hero, flawed and wrestling with his faith--or lack of faith.  He's seen the unspeakable, and it is his mission in life to capture any and all perpetrators, using everything at his disposal.

In "Opening Moves" we meet a much younger Detective Bowers, long before Tessa and before the FBI.  We see the crimes that made Patrick so tenacious and that honed his uncanny skills as a law enforcement officer.

We also see fully into the face of pure evil.  We see into the face of evil warring against all that is good.  And we see into the face of the person we all are capable of becoming, should we be pushed to our limits.

It is NOT a pretty picture.  "Opening Moves" is raw, gritty and intense.  Faint of heart need not apply...if episodes of "Law and Order" make you cringe, you won't survive "Opening Moves".

Which is a true shame.  Steven James is a master at the art of criminal suspense.  This is my preferred genre, and I have yet to read a novel that is so carefully crafted, so meticulously detailed, and so richly authentic.  In the introduction Steven lets us know that this is the one that gave him nightmares.

I can see why.

And I wouldn't change a thing.  Don't miss "Opening Moves", and be certain to continue in the series with "The Pawn"...I'll be over here longing for the 2013 release of "The King" I re-read the entire Patrick Bowers series for the third time.

I hunted down my copy the day of its release, and savored every page (which sounds kind of weird considering the subject matter, but whatever!).  Highly recommended, and Best Criminals Suspense of 2012.

Happy Reading!



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sarah k said...

i'm dying to re-read the rest of the series, but i'm saving that pleasure for just before the release of the last book. just finished opening moves, and it was definitely steven james at his finest!