Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unplanned by Abby Johnson with Cindy Lambert

From the Back of the Book:

Abby Johnson quit her job in October 2009. That simple act became a national news story because Abby was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas who, after participating in her first actual abortion procedure, walked across the road to join the Coalition for Life.

Unplanned is a heartstopping personal drama of life-and-death encounters, a courtroom battle, and spiritual transformation that speaks hope and compassion into the political controversy that surrounds this issue. Telling Abby’s story from both sides of the abortion clinic property line, this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the life versus rights debate and helping women who face crisis pregnancies.
My Thoughts:

I'll be honest: it is so hard to believe we can change the course set decades ago when it comes to abortion in America.  And when I learned about Abby's book, I felt cynical and jaded.  The book sat on my shelf for months before I finally picked it up and cracked the cover.
Once again, God shows me how He works in His time with His people.  Abby Johnson is truly a modern-day Esther, working and learning about Planned Parenthood and discovering the truth about her own heart and motivation toward the unborn and their mothers.

For Abby, the issue of abortion wasn't quite so simple.  She wanted to help women who found themselves in a crisis, who need information and who deserved control over their own bodies.  Her motives were pure and her heart was good....it just wasn't totally pointed toward God.
And Abby holds nothing back in her story...the good, the bad and the ugly are all laid out for all to read.  Don't buy the lie that she's just a disgruntled employee out for retribution...instead, buy the book and educate yourself.  Learn something about BOTH sides of the argument, and gain a tremendous amount of compassion in the process.

I learned a long time ago that, in our zeal for what is right we can roll right over people who are hurting.  I used to plaster my car with 'right to life' bumper stickers; then one day a young woman who'd had an abortion came to my church and told me how seeing my car made her feel.
I think about BOTH victims when it comes to this issue, because not all women know the truth, and when your emotions are in a tailspin sometimes it is easier to believe a lie than deal with the truth.  Abby's book helps illustrate that point and does so magnificently.
This is one I purchased for myself, and it was a wise investment.  I'm highly recommending "Unplanned", and hope you will take the time to get to know Abby Johnson, a very courageous sister-in-Christ.
Happy Reading!



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