Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nothing To Hide by J. Mark Bertrand

From the Back Cover:

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher for this Homicide Cop

Publishers Weekly calls J. Mark Bertrand's writing "gritty and chilling." He returns once more to the streets of Houston for another twisting mystery featuring Detective Roland March. This time, a new case is launched by the discovery of a headless corpse...only the investigation quickly becomes complicated when a blood sample analysis brings a phone call from the FBI.

The body was an undercover agent working to bring down Mexican cartels. The feds want the case closed rather than risk exposing other agents in the field, but March can't abide letting a murder go unsolved. And he doesn't have to dig long to figure out something isn't right. Someone is covering something up, and it seems that everyone has something to hide. Maybe even March, as the case soon intersects, unexpectedly, with the murder that led him to become a homicide cop, all those years ago.

My Thoughts:

If you have ever read a 'hard-boiled' style detective novel, one where the main character is an old-school detective who sees things differently from the regular guy on the street...something like a "Spencer For Hire" or a book by Ed McBain...this is the style you'll find in the Roland March novels

Gritty, truthful, opposing crime and evil behavior in any way possible, sometimes coloring outside the lines of the law.  But always rooting out the start of the current case file like bloodhounds on a hunt.

Roland March is gruff, closed off, direct and does not play well with others.  He's had some heavy cases to solve lately, and some huge life changes to work through.  But when he catches wind that this new case could be connected to an old unsolved--or unresolved case, his curiosity gets the better of him and he's off into areas of town and places of business and almost seem to advertise 'watch your health and your back'!

The twists and turns in "Nothing To Hide" go deeper and further along than the previous two novels in this series.  Some flashback scenes lay groundwork, but you don't fully get it until you draw near the end of the story. 

Some shocking events await you.  One upset me so much I wrote an email to Mark and he replied "It wasn't me!  It was the bad guys!"...which we all know what that really means--GOOD STORYTELLING!! 

Unfortunately, "Nothing To Hide" wasn't enough for me.  I wanted more.  Each Roland March story closes with a satisfying sigh, but then I immediately want more.  Having to wait a year before I get to see what my new favorite homicide detective is up to can be gruelling.

I received my copy of "Nothing To Hide" for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  Honestly, I can't urge you enough to buy J. Mark Bertrand's series and get to know Roland March and his co-workers and partners well. 

"Nothing To Hide" has nothing to hide.  Great, gritty suspense and detective work on par with any best-selling series today.  "Nothing To Hide" gets the Golden Bookmark from me, and I'm eager to have my husband take a peek and see what he thinks!

Happy Reading!



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