Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Discovery by Dan Walsh

From the Back Cover:

Gerard Warner was not only a literary giant whose suspense novels sold in the millions, he was also a man devoted to his family, especially his wife of nearly 60 years. When he dies he leaves his Charleston estate to his grandson, Michael, an aspiring writer himself. Michael settles in to write his own first novel and discovers an unpublished manuscript his grandfather had written, something he'd kept hidden from everyone but clearly intended Michael to find. Michael begins to read an exciting tale about Nazi spies and sabotage, but something about this story is different from all of Gerard Warner's other books. It's actually a love story. As Michael delves deeper into the story he discovers something that has the power to change not only his future but his past as well.

My Thoughts:

Anyone who's read my blog knows I'm a HUGE fan of Dan Walsh's fiction.  For some reason, though...I couldn't get anywhere with this book.  I read up to chapter ten, and then lost interest.  Could be my mood...could be the book. 

BUT, since I AM such a huge fan, let me tell you that Dan Walsh writes circles around Nic Sparks, and faith is a huge part of the whole story every time.  This one may not have been my favorite, but I guarantee, you'll enjoy the stories Dan Walsh creates.

I'll revisit "The Discovery" at a later date.  Until then, I'm mildly recommending it, but HIGHLY recommending his previous novels to you.  I received my copy of "The Discovery" from Revell Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Happy Reading!



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