Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Sweethaven Summer by Courtney Walsh

It's always a good thing when a novel leaves you wanting more after the final page is turned. Even better? A debut novel by a promising new author!

"A Sweethaven Summer" chronicles the lives of four friends from their pre-teen years into adulthood. Suzanne, Lila, Jane and Meghan meet one another during the summer months in Sweethaven, Michigan. Life before The Circle was boring; now the girls can't wait until each summer begins and the four bffs are reunited.

A scrapbook of memories keeps the four girls connected, until the day Suzanne chooses to leave, never returning to their beloved town. A secret and a cloak of shame cause her to break contact with her friends and The Circle is broken...forever.

Or is it? When Campbell Carter finds the scrapbook pages among her mother's things, she begins a journey into Suzanne's past, searching for answers and discovering who her mother once was.

Along the way Campbell creates her own circle of friends: Adele, Meghan's mother; Luke, owner of the cafe...and a few others I'll leave as a surprise. But will Campbell's journey to Sweethaven end in heartache as well as answers?

Each character is very well developed and engaging (although I didn't care for Lila much and we see little of another person throughout the book). I felt for Campbell as she searched for answers and found what she wasn't expecting.

I truly didn't want this novel to end. I have a feeling we'll be taking another trip to Sweethaven soon, courtesy of Courtney least, I hope so! Sign me up for that trip!

My thanks to my friends at Guidepost for my complimentary copy. "A Sweethaven Summer" is available in bookstores now, and is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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