Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Protection for Hire by Camy Tang

Because I read so many books, it's hard to find something unique. Often I pick up a new book and end up feeling like I've read this story somewhere else. I'm always on the hunt for an author who writes fiction that reads fresh and new, with intriguing characters and quirky settings.

Camy Tang never fails to give me exactly what I'm looking for in enjoyable fiction. I fell in love with her storytelling skills when I read her "Sushi Series" and have eagerly waited for her new series. "Protection For Hire" is even better than I'd hoped.

Tessa Lancaster cannot outrun her past. Working as an enforcer for her uncle's crime syndicate, Tessa took the fall for the one crime she had no ties to. Fortunately, God met her in prison and changed her into a new creation.

Now that Tessa's out, can people forget the old person she once was? Seems family never forgets as her mom continues to favor Tessa's younger sister over her. Seems like the community you grow up in has a difficult time letting the past go as well. Volunteering at the battered women's shelter was supposed to give Tessa a fresh start, but her reputation finds her out.

Once again, God is with Tessa and He finds her work as a bodyguard for a young heiress and her small child. Seems someone wants the pretty young woman dead, and she believes that Tessa is the one to watch her back.

Even though I've never been a part of a crime family, I could relate to Tessa. When you grow up in a small town it's hard to outlive some of the more colorful things you're known for doing. It's easy to want to leave and start all over, but even tend to go along wherever you end up.

Tessa learns to live as a new creation before others learn to see her through new eyes. Having a 'tough girl' rep does come in handy, as things begin to heat up. Packed with twists and some laugh-out-loud moments, "Protection for Hire" just has me longing for the second book in this outstanding new series.

And did I mention some delicious romance within these pages? Oh yes. At least, until Tessa learns that even high and mighty lawyers like Charles Britton have deep and dark secrets too. Will these secrets prove to be too much, or will Tessa take Charles' heart captive?

You'll find the usual suspects in this novel: quirky family members. And while I felt like shaking Tessa's sister, in the end even she grows on you. Of course, having a cool daughter kind of saved her for me! And you'll find those who deserve your ire, like Fred and Uncle Teruo. Basically, plenty of imaginary people to flood your imagination and keep the pages turning into the wee hours.

You simply cannot miss out on a fun reading experience when you choose a novel by Camy Tang. She has a unique flair for creating and plotting that makes every story a fresh experience, and you'll be longing for more. Got my daughter hooked on Camy's stories, and now we fight over the books!

My thanks to Camy and to my friends at Zondervan for my sneak peek copy. "Protection for Hire" is available now at bookstores everywhere, and makes a perfect Christmas gift for the reader who's read everything. "Protection for Hire" gets my highest recommendation.
Happy Reading!



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Camy Tang said...

Thanks so much Deena!!!!! I'm so glad you liked it!!!!