Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Am In Here by Elizabeth M. Bonker and Virginia G. Breen

When you hear the term autism, you automatically feel a tug at your heart for the family dealing with the diagnosis. Read this amazing book and you'll never look at autism the same way ever again.

Elizabeth has autism: she is a healthy, smart and creative thirteen-year-old girl trapped in a body that cannot speak. But she can write poetry to express her thoughts and feelings that has more talent and expression in the fewest amount of words. Hers is a voice that most definitely needs to be heard.

Virginia is Elizabeth's mother. And what a force to be reckoned with! She's gone to bat for Elizabeth and her daughter's silent voice since day one, and this book is a perfect collaboration between mother and daughter. Featuring many of Elizabeth's poems, this is the story of living with autism from both sides of the diagnosis.

Praise God for the talented and dedicated men and women who've worked tirelessly to help Elizabeth express who she is and just what she is capable of, and who've stayed with Virginia as she has fought battle after battle on behalf of not only her daughter, but for children with autism in general.

Easy to read, engaging, at times heart-rending, "I Am In Here" puts a human face on a hot-topic news story and gives those dealing with autism more than a voice: this book will inspire and empower those waging the war against the diagnosis that all too often defines and limits those dealing with it.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth, and her mother. I highly recommend "I Am In Here" and offer my thanks to Donna at Revell for my chance to review this title (and offer my humble apologies for being late with my review!).

"I Am In Here" is available in hardcover from Revell Publishers and can be found in bookstores everywhere.

Happy Reading!



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