Monday, October 3, 2011

A Wedding Invitation by Alice J. Wisler

I have adored Alice J. Wisler and her fictional stories from the first book, but I have to say her newest release is by far her best yet. Maybe it's because I have two single daughters who long for that special love to come along, but this one grabbed me by the heart from page one and just would not let go.

Samantha Bravencourt is a woman after my own heart...she could easily be a kindred soul-sister. She's lost her father, spent her college years teaching in a Vietnamese refugee camp in the Philippines, and gave her heart away far too quickly, getting it back in pieces.

But Samantha isn't one to quit, so when Momma needs her home, she returns to help operate her mother's clothing boutique and to watch over her mom, a cancer survivor. In this stage of life, "A Wedding Invitation" is not always a welcome thing, but Samantha is excited to reconnect with old friends and to spend time with her beloved Aunt Dovie.

Did I mention how much I loved Sam? She does what I've always feared doing (No, I'm not spilling the'll have to read it for yourself) and that one event changes the course of her well planned life. What seems like chance or fate is truly the hand of'll see His fingerprints all over this story.

Quite possibly, you'll be able to see His fingerprints more clearly in your own life after reading about Samantha's. But how will her chance encounter with Carson Brylie turn out? Can her past meet her present and not explode in fresh hurts and deeper wounds? And can Sam open her heart to Lien and set aside her own dreams in order to help Lien with her dream.

Oh, how I wish I had an Aunt Dovie! And a Beanie! And a Pearl...and even a Little...some delightful Southern women you'll meet after you accept "A Wedding Invitation". I can't think of one character I didn't fall in love with and didn't wish was a real person I could have in my own life.

I think that's the key ingredient in Alice's stories...I always want to live in her books, meeting the people she creates and having the experiences that make me laugh...and a few of the ones that make me cry. Truthfully, I probably have plenty within my own story, but Alice makes it sound like more fun!

I'm giving "A Wedding Invitation" five out of five bookmarks and voting it "Best Southern Contemporary Fiction of 2011"...I think she's tied with Denise Hildreth Jones as my favorite Southern author...and that's saying something!

As if that isn't enough, she includes RECIPES in this book!! Gotta love her for that...I Love, Love, LOVE when my authors share delightful dishes from their fiction with me. It's almost like a snippet of life within the story...or a taste of their fiction for real!

My thanks to Alice and to Bethany House for my copy. Don't miss "A Wedding Invitation"...and check out all of the great fiction by Alice J. Wisler! You'll be glad you did! Oh, and maybe it's an accident, but I don't think so...that Samantha's last name is BRAVEncourt...'cause she sure has to be brave in this story!!

Happy Reading!



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Alice J. Wisler said...

Thanks so much, Deena! When do we get to meet in person and share some laughter?