Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello, Hollywood! by Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson is one novelist with a huge heart and a fantastic sense of comedic timing. I've devoured every novel she's written, and my all-time favorite series was "Weddings by Bella"...but this new series is growing on me!

Athena Poppas is head writer of one of the most popular situation comedies on television, but ratings are slipping and so is her confidence. Her writing talent helped make "Stars Collide" the success it is, and her gifted scripting brought the two stars together both on television and in real life.

Has Athena hit her stride, or has she drained her creative well? When her boss proposes bringing in a new writer, Athena and her team take it as a challenge. When the new writer, comedian Stephen Cosse appears on the team, Athena takes it as a threat to her job security.

Stephen isn't looking to replace Athena...he's just looking for a fresh start for himself and for his tween-aged daughter. Hoping to find his big break in writing, Stephen ends up finding far more. But life doesn't always follow a script and the unexpected can surprise you in a blink of an eye, or a beat of a heart.

Will the competition between writers put an end to what could become a beautiful relationship, or will the combined talents create a story better than anything television could dream up?

Janice has created another cast of memorable characters in "Hello, Hollywood!" Think "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding" meets "Weddings By Bella" and you have an inkling of the delightful fun you're in for.

From Lenora, an aging star who can remember every actress and every line from the classics, but can't remember yesterday to Zeus, the dog from Greece who quite possible was owned by Hades himself...these characters worm their way into your imagination never to leave.

And you won't want them to go! Janice has another hit series on her hands with "Backstage Pass" and I adored "Hello, Hollywood!", the second in the trilogy. That's why I'm giving this one five out of five bookmarks with a director's chair as a charm...just make sure you are keeping that chair open for God to direct the script of your life!

My thanks to my friend Donna at Revell Publishing for another fun reading experience. "Hello, Hollywood!" is available now in bookstores everywhere, and don't miss the first in the series, "Stars Collide".
Happy Reading!



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